During the Asobinotes Online Fes held on Sunday, June 28th, Bandai Namco Entertainment's fledgling sound entertainment label Asobinotes announced an exciting new project called "Den-On-Bu."


A completely new project centered on authentic dance music, "Den-On-Bu" combines Bandai Namco's existing IP, which is its strength, with the latest technology from the BANDAI NAMCO GROUP such as the live performance system "BanaDive™ AX," in addition to songs and illustrations by well known and up-and-coming creators. Proposing a completely new experience of interacting with new content centered on music and technology, and an unprecedented open policy towards secondary content creation, "Den-On-Bu" aims to create an IP experience collaboratively with creators and users. With plans for media-mix development on a global scale, "Den-On-Bu" will definitely be something to watch out for in the months to come.

With designs by popular illustrator Mika Pikazo, who is most famously responsible for designing Vtuber Luna Kaguya's character, a voice acting cast featuring idols, Vtubers from Nijisanji, and well-known voice actresses, and original music by a veritable whos-who of established and up-and-coming musical talents now making their mark in the Japanese dance music scene, "Den-On-Bu" is already drumming up a lot of excitement on social media.


In the near future, electronic music has become the center of global music culture. A certain technological innovation has created a new world and, along with it, a new league of superstars: DJs.

While this culture has become familiar to the masses, the top players who excel at it have become objects of admiration, as their playing skills are honed in a competitive show business called "Stack Battles."

This culture has also reached into high schools, where clubs known as Den'on-bu (Electronic Music Club) have become popular. Young DJs' performances, unpolished yet showing moments of brilliance, create an appealing show which is enthralling fans all over the world.

This is the story of girls who devote their youthful lives to proving their self-worth, bearing in mind the motto: "The music I believe in and my friends are always No. 1"


There will be 12 characters in all, divided into 4 schools from 4 areas of Tokyo: Akihabara, Harajuku, Shibuya and Azabu.

Akihabara: 外神田文芸高校 Sotokanda Bungei Kōkō

Representing Sotokanda Bungei Kōkō (Sotokanda Arts High School), as you see in the poster above, are Kazune Shinonome (CV. Yuuka Shidomi, from Dear Stage and now in idol group Rirunede), Reina Hidaka (CV. Miho Amane, from Dear Stage, previously sang for Aikatsu☆Stars!) and Futaba Kayano (CV. Sena Horikoshi, from Dear Stage, previously sang for Aikatsu☆Stars!)

Harajuku: 神宮前参道學園 Jingūmae Sandō Gakuen

Representing Jingūmae Sandō Gakuen (Jingūmae Sandō High School) are Hina Minakami (CV. Nichika Ōmori, Yurine Hanazono in Dropkick on My Devil!), Mimito Sakurano (CV. Yurie Kozakai, Pekora in Dropkick on My Devil!) and Shian Inudōsaki (CV. Rena Hasegawa, former member of NGT48).

Azabu: 港白金女学院 Minato Shirokane Jogakuin

Representing Minato Shirokane Jogakuin (Minato Shirokane Girls High School) are Ginka Haijima (CV. Azuki Shibuya, member of i☆Ris, Dorothy West in the PriPara franchise), Tama Kurogane (CV. Akina, Aya Oono in the Girls & Panzer franchise, Serika Kurokawa in Wake Up, Girls!, twin sisters Hitoha and Futaha Karakuri in smartphone game "Tokyo 7th Sisters") and Aki Shirokane (CV. Arisa Komiya, Dia Kurosawa from LoveLive!Sunshine!!)

Shibuya: 帝音国際学院 Teion Kokusai Gakuin

Representing Teion Kokusai Gakuin (Teion International High School) are Mitsuki Seto (CV. Vtuber Sister Claire, from Nijisanji), Karin Hō'ō (CV. Vtuber Kana Sukoya from Nijisanji) and Lukia Taiga (CV. Vtuber Sara Hoshiakwa from Nijisanji)


Just take a look at this musical line-up!

  • Aiobahn
  • kz(livetune)
  • Hidefumi Kenmochi
  • Takafumi Sato(BNSI
  • Shogo & Hirotaka Hayakawa
  • Patra Suou
  • Snail's House
  • tofubeats
  • Nor
  • Pasokon Ongaku Club
  • Midy & Miyako Seto (Nijisanji)
  • Moe Shop
  • YUC'e
  • Yunomi
  • ...and more

Fan-made content creation policy

Another exciting aspect of the Den-On-Bu project is how open they are to fan-based creation. This makes sense since they actively seek to co-create content with fans to give this project life. Their policy is as follows:

If you comply with this policy for all items except the actions listed below, you are free to modify, remix and adapt through any means any of the elements of "Den-On-Bu," with the exception of game software. You may also create fan-made content. You are free to use any songs included in the "Den-On-Bu Music List"* on the official website (https://denonbu.jp), with the exception of those listed as "Unusable for fan-made content." *The "Den-On-Bu Music List" will be released at a later date.

When creating and sharing fan-made content, please observe the following:

  • Display: "This is fan-made content produced under the content policy listed at https://denonbu.jp/guidelines."
  • Only individuals (including self-employed) can produce and share fan-made content. Corporations are not allowed.
  • The main purpose of your activities must not be to gain material profit.
  • Please do not redistribute or share all or part of the elements included in "Den-On-Bu" without any modification.
  • Please do not infringe on proprietary rights or intellectual property rights (including copyright, honor, credit, privacy, and all other rights) of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. or any third party.
  • Please do not use the content in any form that goes against public order and morals.
  • Please do not use the content to assert political beliefs, religious beliefs or hate speech.
  • Please do not suggest or misrepresent yourself in a way that could lead one to think you are sponsored or affiliated with Bandai Namco Entertainment or its affiliates.
  • Original Japanese guidelines text available here.

    Fans were clearly delighted with this policy, and the artistically gifted among them wasted no time in creating fan art, as you can see from the examples below:

    If you're reading this, please feel free to join in!

    To find out more about the project, and see some of the technological innovations in store, visit Den-On-Bu's impressively designed website and follow their Twitter account to stay up to date.


    • Official Den-On-Bu website
    • Asobinotes Official YouTube Channel
    • Den-On-Bu Twitter account
    • Den-On-Bu Merchandise: Akihabara area

    • Den-On-Bu project presentation video

      On Friday, July 3rd, from 20:30 to 21:30 (JST), Den-On-Bu had its first official video presentation on Namco Bandai's 876TV YouTube Channel. With voice actor Minoru Shiraishi (Taniguchi in the Suzumiya Haruhi series, Itsuki Takeuchi in the Initial D reboot) as MC, the three voice actresses of Akihabara's Sotokanda Bungei H.S., Yuuki Shidomi, Miho Amane and Sena Horikoshi talked about what's in store for the Den-On-Bu project.


      The archive of the video was posted on July 18th:

    By - Ben K.