A brand-new café where you want to take pictures of everything has opened in Shinjuku, Tokyo. The café is called SWEETS À LA MODE スウィーツ アラモード!

This café has three different faces depending on the time of day: café time, bar time, and DJ time!

Let’s check out what is available during each time period.

Café time: 14:00 – 22:00

This café starts at 14:00 (2 PM). You can enjoy various sweets which use fresh fruits. Look at this!

This menu is called 南国パイナップル Nangoku painappuru (tropical pineapple). It’s a shaved ice made from half of a pineapple. Not only is the boat made from pineapple, the syrup is also made from fresh pineapple! Contrary to your expectations, the white ice cream on top is coconut ice cream, not vanilla! This is the perfect tropical dessert to draw attention on your social media!

Next is a surprisingly photogenic parfait that you’ve probably never seen before.

This beautiful light green parfait is called 丸ごとシャインマスカット marugoto sha'in masukatto (whole Shine Muscat grapes). As the name indicates, they use plenty of Shine Muscat grapes, sliced so you can see the whole size of these luxurious grapes! The white part is ricotta cheese mousse. The parfait features an artistic combination of cheese and fresh fruit! Of course, don’t forget to take pictures for your social media accounts!

This parfait is 天空のマンゴー Tenkū no mangō (Mango in the sky). It’s a refreshing arrangement of lemon and lychee jelly with four different fruits, including aromatic mango and dragonfruit. The sweetness of the fruit and the sour taste of the citrus jelly can be enjoyed together with a rich mango sherbet.

In addition to the above, they have tons of photogenic food! Why don’t you order something from their selection of attractive sweets?

Bar time: 22:00 - 5:00

During the bar time, the café offers the À LA MODE champagne tower! (Pay attention at 0:21-.)

Typically champagne towers are considered luxury items in Japan that are served at host clubs. Prices usually start at 500,000 yen! However, the À LA MODE champagne tower can be had for only 10,000 yen. According to their official website, the shop staff are confident that their champagne tower is the cutest and most reasonably priced champagne tower in Japan.

The venue also has many other activities such as darts and shisha. You can purchase a game of darts for only 100 yen a game and have a great time with your friends. Shisha at À LA MODE also comes in some surprising types. There is the normal plain shisha, and there is a special herb and fruit LED shisha perfect for making your Instagram feed stand out.

DJ time 5:00 – 9:00

The sound producer for this café is Ando, one of the best open format DJs in Tokyo. He is also known by his artist name, Caramel Pod, having provided tracks to artists such as Flo Rida and JYJ.

Of particular importance is the audio equipment that they have placed in the café. Their first-rate DJs will be using the Pioneer CDJ-3000 and Pioneer DJM-900NXS2! These two are top-end equipment for professional DJs that will enable them to give the audience the time of their lives!

The music will feature all genres from jazz to club music depending on the ambiance of the moment. If you’ve ever thought about a little clubbing before work, now’s your chance!

Please note that during DJ Time, they don't allow customers who are dressed in a manner inappropriate to the atmosphere of the restaurant. No exposed tattoos, men wearing only tank tops, sweat pants, flip flops or rubber slippers, etc...

Everywhere in the café are nice photo spots!

A lot of work has been put into the interior design of the café so that it will be interesting to customers no matter what time period they decide to visit. Don’t get so carried away by the photogenic food that you forget to take photos of the venue!

This café is packed with entertainment, so don’t miss it!


By - Mochijapa (Ayano Irizuki).