The kawaii culture (or “cuteness culture”) in Japan is so entrenched in the country that shops and restaurants are constantly finding ways to make their food cute. One Japanese shop that’s offering up their contribution to kawaii food is the cream bun specialty shop, Hattendo.

Aside from having bakeries dedicated to their cream buns, Hattendo has branched out to other food products -- with a cafe that serves burgers in Tokyo and a bar that doubles as a coffee roaster in Singapore.

Their latest attempt to branch out comes in the form of bear-shaped pancakes and egg sandwiches that are being sold at SHIBUYA109’s Imada Kitchen food stand.

The bear-shaped pancake is described as being soft and filled with handmade custard cream that melts in your mouth. It also comes served with fruits like strawberries and raspberries and is decorated with chocolate and nuts arranged to look like a bear’s face.

Although it looks more like a burger, the “bear sandwich” on the other hand, has croquette, eggs, and cabbages layered in between soft buns. The buns are said to be made from the same dough being used for Hattendo’s specialty cream buns and are also topped with chocolate and nuts.

Both the pancake and the sandwich are priced at 450 yen and can be bought from SHIBUYA109’s Imada Kitchen food stand until August 30, 2020.

By - Jen Laforteza.