If you're a fan of Japanese bakeries, it's very probable that you've encountered "Melon Bread" (melon pan), a sweet bun that features shape and texture resembling an actual melon. The originally only referred to the bun's appearance, but now melon bread with melon flavoring and fragrance (as well as cream and chocolate variations) have become common.

Japanese cake order website Cake.jp may have just introduced melon bread's sweets evolution with the "Marugoto Melon Cake" or "Whole Melon Cake", which serves up a sweet and creamy fruit cake inside a whole melon--with other whole fruit cakes on the way as well.

In the first of a series that includes pineapple and orange varieties, the Whole Melon Cake uses specially selected fragrant muskmelons as a casing for the cake itself, so that cutting into the melon reveals the dessert inside. The actual cake is a millefeuille layered sweet of melon flavored fresh cream, melon pulp, and strawberries. The spongy cake portion is said to absorb the strong scent of the muskmelon casing for a unique dessert experience.

The melon flavor is just the first of the series, which you can see more images of at the official website. The melon cakes are currently available for order in Japan at Cake.jp, but be forewarned that they are currently facing a backlog of orders and are priced at 8,900 yen (melons are known to fetch a hefty price in Japan).

Those looking for another food turned dessert option in the meantime may want to check out Cake.jp's rice ball sweet cakes.

By - Big Neko.