Every year, the Japanese port city of Yokohama is taken over by an army of Pikachus in an event called Pikachu Outbreak. The Pokémon event sees a number of Pikachu celebrate...well, Pikachu with water shows, games, dances, and a centerpiece parade of a long line of Pikachus waddling in synchronization (and with dazzling LED costumes as night).

Japanese toy manufacturer is bringing the parade to your home year with a new Pikachu home companion robot--one that responds to your voice and thrives on your attention.

The Pikachu communicative toy responds to your voice if you call out to it (preferable by saying "Pikachu"). The flagship Pokémon will then waddle towards you (much like his parade counterparts) with light-up cheeks and waving arms. If you keep calling out to it enthusiastically, it will even break out into the official Pikachu song--although if you neglect it too much it will respond with an angry expression, voice, and electric attack.

The walking Pikachu home companion will be available to order from Takara Tomy starting August 1st for 3,850 yen.

By - Big Neko.