If you’re a student or office worker who works long hours on a computer, your body is likely to feel the strain. But Premium Bandai Japan have come up with the cutest way to alleviate the discomfort you may have, with various Pokemon PC cushions to choose from, like the previously released Slowpoke, Meowth and Mimikyu offerings. Now they’re giving the chance for tired computer users to shout, 'Psyduck, I choose you!'

As a Pokemon who suffers from regular headaches and stress-related breakdowns, this lovable duck is the perfect relatable companion for overexerted PC users. His arms can even be raised into the classic head-holding pose that he takes on every time he is confused or headache-stricken.

His plush body provides a cushy resting place between desk and body and offers a comfortable surface for the user to place their arms.

At about 50cm tall, the cushion is substantial enough to be a comforting presence while you work, and adorably, he also has his own keyboard in front of him so you can imagine him furiously typing along with you.

The two pieces are separated, so you can just use them as you need them. The Psyduck alone can be a cuddly friend, while the keyboard works on its own as a handy armrest.

The armrest is also adorned with all manner of cute Pokemon over the keyboard design, and has a stylish Psyduck (well it actually says ‘Koduck’, the Japanese name of the Pocket Monster) theme on the back.

Not just for working on the computer, the cushion can be an ergonomic solution for a whole host of activities.

For those in Japan, the PC cushion can be preordered now on Premium Bandai’s Japanese site for 5720 yen and will be sent out during March 2020.

By - Jess.