Japan boasts a lot of oddity and specialty shops that offer rare goods, but Hard-Off (yes make your jokes), a second-hand, recycled, and second-hand goods store usually maxes out at rare video games or guitars an owner had to get rid off. Every once in a while, however, you'll find an unknown or unappreciated gem one might drop off there.

Twitter user irohiza (@irohiza) has a keen eye for things stand out, however. An avid enthusiast of treasure hunting, antiques, retro items, and all things mysterious, was able to spot an rarity at the second hand shop right away--and at a deal to boot--for 550 yen!

In a recent Twitter post, irohiza said that "I found something really crazy at Hard-Off. A Tibetan esoteric Buddhism tool called the phurba. It's a dagger that prevents demons from entering training/praying grounds. I bought it thinking it was some video game merch."

The phurba (Kilia in Sanskrit) is a three-sided stake or dagger-like tool used in Buddhist rituals to hold off demons and establish stability and safety of prayer. While the figure has sometimes been made into a commercial artifact, it has a deep spiritual history.

While the item has been commercialized and made an accessory, and it's amazing to find something so highly regarded at a recycle shop for 550 yen--especially when it can usually valued between (via Kai-you) 3,000〜10,000 yen.

It just goes to show you that while you can find anything in Japan, you can find more of anything at off hand stores!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.