If you haven't heard, the newest Godzilla film, Godzilla: Resurgence (Shin-Gojira) just hit theaters in Japan, with what looks to be the most terrifying form of the King of Monsters yet. So it makes sense that Isshin, a face pack maker in Japan that makes character themed beauty masks, would want to jump in on the radioactive monster fun--they even did it for Sadako vs. Kayako. Now they're letting you avoid the scaly nature of Godzilla himself by applying optimum skin care while unleashing your inner kaiju with these Godzilla face masks.


Source: Isshin

Face packs in Japan have taken to embracing many different characters from pop culture, but they are especially popular in the summer as a means of skin care in Japan's muggy weather. While the new Godzilla's terrifying aesthetic is probably the last model of skin care we would aspire to, perhaps his durability against conventional weapons, and thus the elements, actually make him a natural fit in beauty care industry. Isshin sells the facepacks, loaded with vitamins, for 430 yen ($4.21 USD) at their site, although you could also try Japan Trend Shop for some English service.


Source: Isshin

By - grape Japan editorial staff.