In Japan, ringing in the New Year is considered the primary Winter time holiday, with Christmas taking a bit of a backseat. That doesn't mean the capital of cute takes any time off, however, with loads of Christmas-themed cutesy events to entertain the whole family. One such example of such festivities can be seen at the Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane prefecture, where you can witness a flock of penguins march out to greet guests in Christmas gear.

The park is mostly known for their famous owl show and exotic aviaries such as emus and toucans, but as you can expect, it's pretty hard to turn down the prospect of costumed penguins strolling around looking to play with the crowd!

It's called the Penguin Stroll (ペンギンの散歩, or pengin no sanpo), and features several penguins who, accompanied by a caretaker, come out to march in front of the crowd and sometimes even engage in some friendly play with them. The event occurs twice a day, and the penguins are known to come out in costumes that match the season. So it should be no surprise that they are already getting in the Christmas spirit.

And here they are in action.

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Christmas isn't the only time they dress up, however!

They're very happy to come up and Trick or Treat with you

Japanese Yukata for summer festivals

Some Hawaiian stylings

Of course they support Japan in the World Cup

And they'll even play some soccer with you.

So come on down and enjoy the Matsue Vogel Park, whether it's for the holidays or not! It's your chance to enjoy penguins and other birds who are pretty comfortable approaching you (so long as you have food). If you're looking to visit, the park information can be found below, as well as a reminder of the feathered friends waiting for you.


Source: Kankou Shimane

松江フォーゲルパーク管理事務所 52 Ogaki-cho, Matsue 690-0263, Shimane Prefecture (Japanese)〒690-0263島根県松江市大垣町52

By - grape Japan editorial staff.