Summer. The sound of cicadas filling the air, the heat pounding down from the sun, and the food – so fresh, so sweet...but what do you wash it down with?

Frozen tapioca of course!

Shinjuku’s Pearl Lady, a tapioca bar to the north east of Shinjuku station has perfected their tapioca drinks for the summer, introducing a range of mouthwatering flavours and the option to make your drink frozen.

Introducing the Frozen Tapioca Tea drink, watermelon flavoured.
The first installment in the store’s summer special drinks, this refreshment is perfect for keeping you cool in the heat and humidity.
Colourful as much as it is flavourful, the drink is completed with rose scented tea, tapioca, watermelon flavoured nata de coco and a sprinkle of chocolate chips.
The drink is available for the price of ¥480 from the beginning of July!

Following the frozen watermelon drink, two other flavours will join the iced menu from the 4th of August – Muscat Grape and Pink Grapefruit.

Both drinks will be made using oolong tea, and will have tapioca, fresh fruit puree and konjac jelly. The perfect addition for humid summer days, both drinks will be available for ¥470 from the beginning of August.

If you’re looking for something sweet, but not something so cold, the cafe’s full menu can be found here. Specialising in Tapioca drinks and crepes, Pearl Lady Tapioca bar can be found at a 1 minute walk from Shinjuku Station East Exit (next to Zara).
If the heat isn’t enough to convince you to pick up a frozen drink from Pearl Lady, then you will almost certainly want one after working through the maze that is Shinjuku station – so go ahead, treat yourself!

By - Connie Sceaphierde.