When thinking of popular dances in Japan, the perfectly synchronized robotic dances of WORLD ORDER and other country-sweeping viral dances may come to mind, so it can be easy to forget that some of the best dances in Japan originate from traditional performances. One such dance is the Yosakoi, which blends traditional Japanese dance movements (such as Awa Odori) into an energetic performance, sometimes matched with modern music. Yosakoi are performed at summer and school sports festivals, and typically are used to liven up audiences.

Dazaifu, located in Fukuoka, is home to a large festival where yosakoi performance teams compete in elaborate and impressively choreographed dances. At this year's 14th annual Daizaifu Monzen Yosakoi festival held on April 15th, a group by the name of Dazaifumahoroba stunned many in attendance as they performed an awesome yosakoi, clad in eye-catching garments.

Their clothing, which includes lacquered silk hats and markings, are inspired by onmyoji, pracitioners of magic and divination that gained prominence during Japan's Heian period. The group gained worldwide popularity after the 2002 competition, and is once again being praised for their sharp but fluid movements.

But the group has been being talked about for another interesting reason. It turns out that they are the stylists and choreographers behind the award winning yosakoi troupe JR Kyushu Oentai--a yosakoi group comprised of Japan Railways Kyushuu conductors, cabin staff, and other employees that has gone on to win many awards at competitions. Here's a video of them wowing a crowd with one of their award-winning performances.

JR Kyushu Oentai

To follow Dazaifumahoroba and their awesome performances, check out their social media information below.

By - Big Neko.