Japan releases vanilla ice cream creamy seafood flavored ramen

In the world of Japanese instant noodles, a lot of creativity is required to stand out among eccentric heavyweights such as french fries and chicken nugget ramen, as well as host club anime boyfriend cup noodles. But in an apparent one-upping of the recently released ramen ice cream, Japanese instant noodle brand Super Cup may have crossed the point of no return. Super Cup is testing the limits of flavor combinations with a vanilla ice cream flavored creamy seafood ramen.

According to a press release, the ramen is being released as a 30th anniversary celebration for Super Cup, and the soup is a chicken-pork base, but has scallops and shrimp flavoring added to it. It comes packaged with a vanilla flavored powder, and when mixed together, is said to have the classic taste of seafood but with a sweet and creamy vanilla finish.

The product will officially go on sale in Japan starting July 30th for 210 yen.

By - Big Neko.