You may have already seen inflated claims before from Japanese snack brands when it comes to extra spice levels or extra "strong" flavor, but there's only so much a brand can do to impress you. Or is there? Japanese snack maker Koikeya has enlisted a very powerful ally in their latest lineup of Karamucho and Suppamucho potato snacks, respectively known for delivering spicy and sour taste. Of course, we're talking about Pikachu from the Pokémon franchise.

The lovable icon is lending his electric energy to spike up Karamucho's aptly named "10,000 Volt Pepper" flavor chips, and his jolt of sour power to Suppamucho's Quick Attack Lemon flavor chips.

Pokémon Karamucho 10,000 Volt Pepper

As their name ポケモンカラムーチョ 10まんボルトペッパー (Pokémon Karamucho 10,000 Volt Pepper) implies, these chips are not only spicy but jolt your taste buds too, an effect accomplished by pairing Western black pepper with spicy and numbing Szechuan pepper for a spicy, "electrifying" Karamucho flavor.

Pokémon Suppamucho Quick Attack Lemon

Just like the move after which they're named (ポケモンすっぱムーチョ でんこうせっかレモン, meaning Pokémon Suppamucho Quick Attack Lemon), these chips will quickly make your taste buds exclaim "Pika Pika!" with a refreshing double attack of vinegar and lemon.

Gift Campaign

To commemorate this special collaboration with Pikachu, Koikeya is offering a special gift set including a T-shirt with an original illustration and a dozen bags each of Pokémon Karamucho 10,000 Volt Pepper and Pokémon Suppamucho Quick Attack Lemon to 10 lucky participants chosen in a drawing.

To participate, simply follow Koikeya's Twitter account (@koikeya_cp) and retweet the campaign Tweet below between July 13th and July 26th (JST).

By - Ben K.