Artistic glass and cup designer Goodglas Japan has gained quite the fanbase lately due to their creative bubbly 3D-art glasses, which use handmade blown double glass walls to recreate adorable animal drinking companions. For example, we've seen shiba inu dogs, shiba inu wearing scarves, shiba inu wearing kimonos, as well as cat and bunny versions.

Speaking of cats, why settle for a plain kitty when you can the cutest one of them all, Hello Kitty! (although technically, Hello Kitty is not a cat but a human girl).

With Goodglas Japan's latest series, you can!

Goodglas Japan Hello Kitty

Pioneers in the 3-D bubbly glass (officially known as double-wall glass), Goodglas has craftsmen make each glass by hand. The double glass construction makes them particularly resistant to heat.

When you pour liquids into them, Hello Kitty's cute face will clearly appear, and the mood naturally changes depending on what kind of beverage you pour into them.

This series comes in four color variations in Hello Kitty's ribbon: red, pink, blue and gold.




R & K Japan are selling the cups for 3,600 JPY each. They are available now for pre-order and will go on sale from July 20th, 20202.

By - Ben K.