Not to be outdone by a 63-year old fisherman who fended off a bear with karate, an 82-year old woman in Hiroshima prefecture recently shooed away an attacking bear by striking it and knocking it back, Yahoo News reports.

Rumiko Sasaki had been treating weeds in her backyard along with her husband in the backyard of her Kita-hiroshima residence when she found herself being attacked by a black bear on the evening July 16th. In a video with Hiroshima television, Sasaki says that when she stood up from her work she noticed the bear in front of her, and it then attacked her. "It took aim at my face and came at me suddenly," says Sasaki, who suffered scratches to her face, "but it feels like I hit it and sent it flying back." The bear then fled the scene.

According to the local hunting association, there have been 252 bear sightings in the area this year but this is the first attack on a person. They recommend equipping a radio, cell phone, or even a bell when heading into the area's mountains.

The population of the Asiatic Black bear in Japan has dwindled due to poaching and clashes with farmers, as they have a habit of destroying crops and property. Despite ongoing culling, some areas of Japan are proposing new and stringent protection policies for the animal.

By - Big Neko.