Anyone who lives in a house with shoji, or traditional sliding paper doors, knows that the paper portions require replacement from time to time due to the wear and tear they accumulate over time. Those who live with both shoji and cats know that the required maintenance for paper is a lot more frequent because cats are the natural enemy of a shut shoji door.

Japanese Twitter user Kokonananya (@kokonananya) knows this very well, and has a bit of a reputation on Twitter for funny photos of their cats causing shoji door havoc. This time however, Kookonananya found their cats caught their cats red-pawed at the crime scene, and shoji attacking cats seem to be totally shocked that their cover has been blown.

Source: @kokonananya

It's an adorable and priceless reaction, especially when you consider the cats have been seen destroying the doors many times before. Just goes to show how much cats hate being embarrassed!

As it turns out, the cats don't necessarily need the paper to play--they're very content to just hand out in the empty spaces while Kokonananya replaces the paper they destroyed.

Source: @kokonananya

If you can't get enough of cats demolishing shoji doors, be sure to follow Kokonananya on Twitter where it is a regular occurrence. They also have a photo book on Amazon of their cat and door battles.

By - Big Neko.