Fans of Japanese soft drinks will be familiar with Calpis (or Calpico as it is called in some countries to avoid an unfortunate pronunciation mixup). The milky, yogurty, and somewhat acidic beverage has a carbonated version (Calpis Soda) and a diluted version (Calpis Water) that are particularly favorite of young people in Japan. That's why Asahi Beverages is once again decorating their products with gorgeous anime-style designs, only this time with labels that transform into beautiful and nostalgic renditions of after school interactions.

The labels take advantage of the opaque and murky nature of Calpis beverages, so that once you finish drinking, you'll reveal a second illustration on the other side in addition to the one on the outer half.

The limited edition project brings back illustrator Hirotaka Tanaka (who worked on the previous project) and adds illustrator Rei Katou.

On each label is the slogan "Your 'after school' goes into motion", and is tied to the concept behind the illustration series, which is for students to enjoy after school activities with their friends and family, and presumably an ice cold Calpis in the summer.

The illustrations are available on 500ml and 430ml bottles of Calpis Soda and Calpis Water (since July 14th) and will be available until supplies run out.

By - Big Neko.