As part of the lineup of limited-edition desserts “By McSweets” featuring regional Japanese ingredients, McDonald’s Japan is coming out with two new menus that will allow you to have the taste of Japan with your burger.

Arriving at McDonald’s locations nationwide on March 29th are the Uji Matcha Azuki McFlurry and the Hokkaido Milk Pie, both of which use high-quality ingredients from Hokkaido Prefecture.

Uji Matcha Azuki McFlurry (3/29~Mid-May)

This new McFlurry flavor blends creamy soft-served ice cream with Uji matcha sauce, adding a refreshing hint of bitterness to the saccharine dessert. It’s also topped with azuki beans from Hokkaido, giving it the complete taste of traditional Japanese sweets.

Considering Uji is regarded as the premier tea-growing region in Japan, being able to enjoy it with delicious azuki beans and ice cream at your local McDonald’s is truly a treat in itself. You can devour it for just 280 yen (2.48 USD).

Hokkaido Milk Pie (3/29~End of April)

For 120 yen (1.06 USD), you can also have the Hokkaido Milk Pie with your McFlurry (and burger and fries). This crunchy pie is filled with milk cream made from Hokkaido milk, as well as vanilla beans to enhance the aroma of the rich cream. McDonald’s recommends having it with a cup of caffè latte, but we’re sure it will be delicious with anything.

If you can’t wait until the 29th to try out the new menu, you could head over to one of the 10 McDonald’s locations in Hokkaido (details below), or the JR Tokyo Station McDonald’s on the 25th, where they will be releasing it a few days early. The early release is in celebration of the new Hokkaido Shinkansen, which will begin running on the 26th.

Also to celebrate the new bullet train service, 200 Hokkaido Milk Pies per day during the 25th to the 28th will come in limited-edition purple packaging, matching the color of the trains. And if you happen to be traveling on the 26th via this new service, the first 100 customers who present their ticket (or a picture of their ticket) for the Hokkaido Shinkansen at the McDonald’s in Tokyo Station will receive a Hokkaido Milk Pie for free!

*Participating Pre-Sale Locations in Hokkaido (25th):

Sapporo Susukino; Sapporo Apia; Tomakomai on Highway 36; Hakodate Showa on Highway 5; Shin-Kotoni; Obihiro West on Highway 5; Shin Sapporo on Highway 12; Kitami on Highway 39; Hakodate Shofu; Hakodate Kaji.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.