Superfoods, popular Japanese teas, and world famous biscuits are just some of the creative themes Krispy Kreme Japan will bake up for their seasonal doughnuts.

The popular doughnut chain's latest menu offering is inspired by some slightly bitter and sour sweets that are still refreshingly fit for the summer: no-bake cheesecake and basque cheesecake doughnuts!

Lemon Rare Cheesecake

No-bake cheesecakes are referred to as "rare cheesecakes" in Japan. Whichever name you prefer, the sweet and sour doughnut uses a fluffy dough filled with smooth cream. The doughnut is topped with a sour lemon nappage glaze, pistachio crumblings, and and a drizzle of white chocolate for a sweet and sour summer treat.

Basque Cheesecake Doughnut

Basque cheesecake, sometimes called burnt cheesecake, is currently a popular sweets trend in Japan with Basque cheesecake-themed desserts often lining the sweets sections of convenience stores. This doughnut recreates the jiggly cheesecake, known for being topped with a caramelized glaze, with a soft dough stuffed with a rich cheese cream. It's topped with pudding flavored chocolate, caramel chocolate drizzles, and three cubes of cheese. The doughnut backs the richness and fragrance of a Basque cheesecake as well as the burnt and bitter texture that gives way to cheesy sweetness.

Both cheesecake doughnuts will be available at Krispy Kreme Japan from July 29th until mid-September, priced at 240 yen.

By - Big Neko.