One look at the Twitter page or online shop of Japanese artist, illustrator, and designer Isasa (@isanatolu) will let you know that the talented artist has some very imaginative creations. The latest to grab people's attention, however, truly seems to be from out of this world.

Isasa recently posted these beautiful crafted anthropomorphic star lamps the artist is calling the "children of the stars", and calls them friendly siblings.

Source: @isanatolu

Source: @isanatolu

Source: @isanatolu

Isasa seems to have thought of character qualities for the mysteriously cute lights, assigning them the rank 2nd-magnitude stars in stellar magnitude, as well as solar, lunar, and stellar marks on their bubbly bellies.

In use the battery-powered star child interior lights look even cooler, and give your room a soothing and starry night sky aesthetic.

Each resin light is hand-painted and powered by a miniature battery.

If you'd like to acquire your very own gorgeous star child, you can check out Isasa's online shop at Booth, as well as follow on Twitter and their homepage to see more beautiful art!

By - Big Neko.