Although katana, the revered Japanese swords of samurai, have come a bit into style lately, and we've even seen the weapons of feudal Japan turned into fashion accessories before, we imagine some people would be a little hesitant to wearing a katana around their neck. Now Studio Shikumi Origami is making that a stylish possibility with these necklaces made from that actual blade of katana.

Of course, these aren't the first time that katana or even sword motif jewelry has been made. However, what makes these necklaces stand out above others is that they are made of actual parts of a katana's blade, meaning they are fare less likely to be worn down and ruined by knicks and chips.

Each pendant piece is taken from a different part of a particular katana, which allows for each necklace to be a truly unique piece of jewelry. Because there are only so many pieces they can remove from each katana, the necklaces come with limited availability. Despite the authenticity of the blades necklaces are made from, a rounded cut prevents them from being too dangerous an item to be around your neck.

Called the CHIRIHAGANE, these necklaces look to be the next step in Japan's katana boom. They can be found at Shikumi Origami's online shop (language and currency can be adjusted at the bottom), at varying prices and availability.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.