Drive-in theaters have been making a comeback recently because of the pandemic as many cinemas had to close until the situation gets better.

Since May, there have been many activities outdoors and besides enjoying cinema in the old style, by parking outdoors and using the car radio to hear the movie’s audio, you can now safely participate in quite a lot of drive-in events including concerts, fireworks, and even a circus!

These drive-in activities have increased in Japan and are bringing a smile on people's faces, becoming more and more popular in other countries, as well.

For example, France has come with an innovative idea of a floating theater for boats in Paris and people are getting crazy about the idea.

Drive-in activities are perfect for this time when gatherings should be avoided as they follow the rules for social distancing and offer people a memorable experience.

Introduction to Drive-in Theaters

Drive-in screenings have originated in the United States around 1933 and the first drive-in theaters in Japan started around 1961 and were quite a boom in the 90s.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, approximately 10 years ago, in 2010, most have closed, but now we once again have a great opportunity to enjoy such events outdoors due to the pandemic.

Besides protecting ourselves and others, drive-in screenings also appeal to many people because of the comfort we get. 

At previous events, a lot of Japanese people were coming dressed in their room wear to see the movies, grab a lot of snacks in the car and feel comfy as if they were at home while enjoying a good movie old style in a great atmosphere, bringing at the surface the nostalgia.

I feel that drive-in activities, especially cinema, can be quite romantic and are a great activity to enjoy with friends, family, in couple, even by yourself (all in the comfort of your car!).

Drive-in events you can enjoy this summer in Japan

Without further ado, I will introduce you two of the safe drive-in events you can still participate this summer despite the many restrictions COVID-19 has brought this year:

  • Drive-in Theater with Hanabi(fireworks) in Chiba Prefecture on 29th of August

The main concept is enjoying the first-time experience of both movies and fireworks while having fun, maintaining social distance, and being safe.

  • Drive-in Festa in Fukushima, Koriyama (14th and 15th of August)

There will be family-oriented movies, such as Lupin and if you are a fan of musicals, you will be delighted to find out that La La Land will be one of the screenings, for those who seek more romantic films.

I hope you will find the information above useful and take note that you will need to reserve in advance for both the events.

(For the movies and fireworks, there is a limit of 100 cars and tickets will be on sale around the end of July).

You can find more information on the Drive-in Theater Official Website.

By - cinnamonellie.