Japan’s Moomin Cafe went viral thanks to a thoughtful and unique service that’s offered to lone diners in the character-inspired eatery.

Rather than allow their customers to sit in solitude, a giant sitting pose Moomin plushy is brought to the table as a cuddly dining companion. This adorable move was covered widely in overseas media, calling it an ‘anti-loneliness cafe’ (although the Moomins are offered to groups as well).

Previously, the only place you could meet this popular Moomin plushy was at the cafe itself. But since this year is the 75th anniversary of the publication of the first Moomin story, these iconic plushies have already went on sale for the first time ever, limited to just 75 of the cuddly trolls, at the start of the year.

Now leading up to ‘Moomin Day’ on 9th August, which is author Tove Jansson’s birthday, they’re going on sale again for anyone who missed it last time.

Each massive Moomin is 75 centimetres tall and costs a hefty 65000 yen (about $612).

Moomin adorers can preorder one until 16th August, either from the official Japanese Moomin online store or in any Moomin Cafe or Moomin Shop in Japan. The plushies themselves will be sent out later in the year near Christmas.

If you are a Moomin super fan in Tokyo, you might also want to check out the Moomin Cafe's recent makeover and new Scandinavian-inspired menu!

By - Jess.