Thermographic imaging, through cameras, scanners, or other devices, is an important screening technology that has been marshaled in the fight against the novel coronavirus. You may have seen these devices already installed in airports, in stores or in office buildings monitoring the surface temperature of customers or visitors to check for any signs of an elevated temperature.

While asymptomatic people without fevers may also be carriers, having a fever is one commonly recognized symptoms and a sign of potential infection. According to guidelines issued by the Japanese government, anyone with a temperature in excess of 37.5 C (99.5 F) for more than four consecutive days should be tested for the virus.

While big companies and stores have the room and the budget to purchase and install thermographic imaging cameras or scanners, it may be out of reach for small businesses, offices or nursing homes.

Fortunately, now there's a compact and affordable solution on the market.

The Thermogate Zero

Made by Tokyo-based Pebble Corporation Inc., the Thermogate Zero already sold over 3,000 units since July 1st in the first run of private orders. Now, as of July 27th, 2020, it is available for sale to the general public.

Due to its compact size, it can easily be adapted to various situations:


At the office, you can attach it to conference rooms and waiting room doors as well as doors leading to the reception desk and the entrance of offices. Easy to install, Thermogate Zero protects the safety of employees and customers and can be a useful tool for companies seeking to manage the health of their employees.

Wall-mounted and table stand-mounted

You can also mount it on walls or on a stand placed on a table or surface at disinfection stations or other entry points where you wish to screen or monitor for temperature.

Why buy a Thermogate Zero?

It's equipped with a reliable non-contact temperature sensor manufactured by OMRON, a global manufacturer of health and medical equipment. When it detects a set temperature of 37.5 degrees or higher, the LED of the terminal lights up and an alarm sounds.

It requires no installation. Simply attach the magnets with double-sided tape and you're ready to go. No expensive attachments or dedicated stands are required.

Extremely affordable price of ¥29,800 per unit (excluding tax). Since the Thermogate Zero focuses exclusively on body temperature detection function, Pebble Corporation was able to develop the device in a relatively short period of time and keep the price low. At this price, you can install multiple units and implement stronger safety measures.

Product information

  • Name (JP): サーモゲート 零-ZERO-
  • Name (EN): Thermogate ZERO
  • Dimensions: W 85 mm x H 110 mm x D 23 mm
  • Sensor: Omron
  • Power supply: 4 AA batteries or micro-USB charge
  • Detected temp. range: 0 to 55 C
  • Measured temp. accuracy: 10 to 85% (in absence of freezing or condensation)
  • Measurable temp. range / accuracy: 35 to 42 C / ±0.5 C (when temperatures are between 10 to 30 C)
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By - Ben K.