The best part of traveling is easily the food. So many authentic dishes unavailable in your home country are on offer at reasonable prices. Personally, most of my travel memories revolve around outstanding meals, forget sightseeing spots.

Until the pandemic limited international travel, visitors to Japan had a plethora of scrumptious choices available at their beck and call. Obvious choices like out-of-this-world-sushi are easy to find, but less well-known menu items like roasted green tea bubble tea and Dragon Ball and Shenron sweets are also available. Izakaya restaurants, on the other hand, often offer items most Westerners might consider outlandish like raw chicken and even raw horse meat.

Too Much of a Good Thing

World traveler and manga artist Gokayajin 五箇野人 (@gokayajin) recently focused on a very relatable problem: over-indulging while traveling. We have all been there whether it's too much food, too many desserts, or too much red wine. It's regrettable, but not that much.

Reproduced with permission from Gokayajin (@gokayajin)

Reproduced with permission from Gokayajin (@gokayajin)

As you can see, fantastic hospitality sometimes comes with a dark side. A very delicious dark side. I suppose there is nothing else to do in these situations than politely eat what you can and enjoy your food coma afterward.

Readers readily sympathized with Gokayajin’s predicament.

  • “I was somehow moved to tears. The mother, who used to enjoy such a busy household, must have enjoyed herself.”
  • “No matter where in the world, mothers always feel lonely with an empty nest.”
  • “I can’t believe it made me cry.”

If you’d like to read more pieces by Gokayajin, be sure to check out his blog and follow his Twitter account.


By - Luke Mahoney.