The Capcom Cafe located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, is like a hungry gamer’s paradise, where awesome temporary menus, featuring some of the company’s most popular video game series, can be sampled.

Previously we’ve seen Okami inspired takeovers and Monster Hunter themed grub. But currently a retro favourite is back on the menu, Devil May Cry. Specifically, this limited time only collaboration menu is in honour of Devil May Cry 5, the latest instalment in the demonic franchise.

The character-centric dishes cover mains, desserts, and drinks, so fans can fully immerse themselves in Devil May Cry tastiness.

Those looking to emulate main character Dante can go for his favourite Ciacco pizza (1580 yen), which has been made in a Chicago style.

Vergil’s trademark katana, the Yamato, takes on the form of an American-style sushi roll (1580 yen), garnished with basil and tomato.

As part of the sweets menu, a refreshing jelly-based dessert (1180 yen) references Nero’s weapon, the Blue Rose.

There’s also various character-themed beverages (800 yen), such as these two dark concoctions named after Vergil and V.

Customers can get various freebies with their order, such as a place mat with any food and a coaster with any beverage.

The whole menu can be found on the Capcom Cafe’s website, where you can also reserve a table in advance. But these special menu items can’t last forever, the Devil May Cry takeover will only last until 26th August 2020.

By - Jess.