After a hard day of demon slaying and having the perfect anime sister, there’s no better way to relax than a soak in a traditional Japanese public bath. Although this is a very traditional Japanese pastime, many public baths aren’t afraid to mix things up a bit with collaboration events and campaigns inspired by popular characters and series.

A chain of public baths called Gokurakuyu have previously ran campaigns including famous characters such as the lazy egg Gudetama, bringing themed baths and even some super cute culinary additions to the spa’s cafe. The latest collaboration is with last year’s hit anime series, Kimetsu no Yaiba.

This includes bathing facilities inspired by the series such as a bath coloured and scented like wisteria, the well known demon repellent. The Raku Spa branches of the Gokurakuyu public baths even have individual character-themed baths.

The spa can also provide rental robes based on Tanjiro and Nezuko’s kimono patterns, so that visitors can lounge around in true Demon Slayer style.

The bathhouse's eatery is also playing host to various collaboration menu items featuring everyone's favourite demon slaying pals in suitable bathing wear. There's main meals, desserts and drinks on offer, all with a Kimetsu no Yaiba twist.

And everyone knows it's not a real anime collaboration event without tons of original merchandise adorned with cute illustrations inspired by the crossover. Gokurakuyu has towels, badges, posters, bags and clothes among other trinkets.

The event will continue until 30th September 2020. Although there are branches of Gokurakuyu and Raku Spa all over Japan, each have different facilities available during the Kimetsu no Yaiba collaboration, so please check ahead on their website before going!

By - Jess.