A wintry coat of snow can make the best sightseeing spots of Japan even more appealing, as we've seen in Kyoto, for example. However, in terms of picturesque beauty and charm, one of our favorite winter spots has to be the hot springs town of Ginzan Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture.

Ginzan Onsen (銀山温泉, Silver Mountain Hot Spring), which draws its name from an accidental discovery by silver miners 400 years ago, is located in the mountains of Japan's northern Yamagata Prefecture in an isolated area blessed with therapeutic hot springs. Thanks to its pedestrian-only access, the town never feels like a tourist magnet, even during the busy season. In the 1980s, it became famous nationally and internationally, as the location for the drama Oshin.

For its combination of Taisho Era style buildings and warm, gaslamp lighting, it's a perennial favorite among photographers, such as Japanese Twitter user and photographer @0lovepeacecrew0 (Yuta.H), as we've covered before.

On January 5, 2018, Twitter user and photographer @nagaaoshi (Nagaoshi) posted pictures of Ginza Onsen, making people on Japanese social media fall in love with the town all over again.

Source: @naagaoshi

With the snow softly falling, the nostalgic mood, and lighting, it's almost hard to believe that this otherworldly scene is a real place. The photographer chose the perfect conditions for his photography, even going as far as getting a model holding an umbrella to pose for this shot.

Source: @naagaoshi

Reactions on Twitter to his post ranged from: "How beautiful!" to "It looks like a scene from a film" and even "For a while, I couldn't tell whether it was a painting or a photo..."

Source: @naagaoshi

The photos stirred wanderlust in others, prompting comments such as: "I want to go there!" or "Let's go now!".

Source: @naagaoshi

Yet others who were lucky enough to have made the journey before chimed in with: "Ginzan Onsen is a great place" and "I want more people to know about it."

If these amazing photos had the same effect on you and you're planning on making Ginzan Onsen a part of your trip to Japan, you can find travel and access routes here, and find lodging options here.

Also, if you love these photos, be sure to follow Nagaoshi-san's Twitter account or Instragram account for more of his amazing travel and landscape photography.

By - Ben K.