Due to recent Corona-19 outbreak, it’s been quite a challenging time for all the bars and restaurants to stay afloat nationwide.

As one of the solutions, Japan Tax Agency has created a new temporary Liquor and Alcohol retail licensing system. This way, the patrons are able to support the local restaurants and bars by ordering take-outs.

This licensing system allows you to enjoy their favorite drinks from the comfort of your home. I must say, it’s a great new service for many of us drinkers!

Ordered a take-out wine, but...

One day, Peko (@pekopekko777 ) decided to order a take-out wine after work, from a restaurant that was famous for their wine.

When she arrived to pick up her order, she was confused. The staff was trying his hardest not to laugh but seems like couldn’t help himself. “It’s just a take-out wine. What’s so funny about it?” she thought. But then, as soon as Peko saw the packaging of the wine, she instantly understood why.

A blood transfusion bag…?

The wine was packaged in a clear plastic air-tight bag. It only looked a lot like a blood transfusion bag, packed with red, bloody looking liquid.

When Peko placed the order, she just assumed that it will be packed in a plastic bottle of some sort, and this was definitely unexpected. She couldn’t help but to laugh, herself.

According to her, she felt the weird looks from people towards the wine bag on her way home. Well, I can’t blame them!

They might have even thought a possible vampire theory about Peko and her red wine bag!

By - Mugi.