You might not have the slightest clue what Domo-kun is supposed to be, but chances are, you’ve seen him somewhere.

The brown, furry, apparently oviparous monster is the official mascot character for NHK (Japan’s public broadcaster), but has appeared on internet memes and video games, among other platforms all over the world. Now he has his very own themed restaurant in Yokohama — the DOMO Diner, open from January 25th to March 9th.

Although Domo-kun won’t be finding his favorite food nikujaga here, DOMO Diner is offering a list of original menus that are sure to get his seal of approval.

For example, the Domo Burger

Complete with Domo-kun’s face printed on a slice of cheese!


Source: DOMO Diner

There’s something for everyone!

① Domo Burger (cheese) ② Domo Burger (beer sausage) ③ Doco Moco (loco moco) ④ Domo Taco Rice ⑤ Chocolat de Domo ⑥ Pudding a la Domo

Menus ①~④ all come with an original DOMO Diner mug, and anyone who orders a drink will get an original coaster!


Source: DOMO Diner

In addition to these extra goodies, Japanese retailer Village Vanguard will also be selling original DOMO Diner goods in their stores.


Source: DOMO Diner

With an adorable diner dedicated to him, maybe we’ll be able to lure him out of the underground cave he calls home.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.