Tokyo VEG LIFE Faux-mage is a 100% vegan cheese that launched back in April of this year. The cheese is made using completely naturally derived, domestic or organically imported ingredients, and the brand behind it is fully committed to sustainable production and delivery.
Since the brand’s launch earlier this year, many people, including some of Tokyo’s top chefs have tasted and approved the cheese at various POP UP events and limited-edition sales.

The faux-mage is breaking down boundaries by being a gourmet hit amongst both vegans and non-vegans, and with it’s popularity continuing to soar, the brand has decided it’s time more people heard about it.
To introduce the cheese to wider society, the brand is planning to open a semi-regular pop-up store in the Hanzomon area from World Vegan Day, on the 1st of November. If you want to keep one foot ahead, however, a pre-opening event will be showcasing the cheese at TOKYO SANDO Hanzomon on the 30th and 31st of October.

In addition to three basic types of Tokyo VEG LIFE Faux-mage; Creamy Heaven, Love Melt and Shinshu Secret, you will also be able to pre-order and receive the brand’s premium faux-mage selection, and try the event-limited tasting set.

To avoid congestion, the event will hold a strict no-eat-in policy, with all faux-mage sold on the day being available for take-out only.
The products on sale will be limited in number, and when sold out, will not be replenished. On a related note, priority for products will be given to those who have made reservations in advance through the Tokyo VEG LIFE Faux-mage official website.

Tokyo VEG LIFE Faux-mage Pre-Open event

Date: Saturday 30th October – Sunday 31st October, 2021
Time: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Location: TOKYO SANDO, 3-1-8 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Below is a brief introduction to the TOKYO VEG LIFE faux-mage product debut and premium collection.

Creamy Heaven

This creamy faux-mage vegan cheese owes it’s refreshing taste to the acidity of lemon juice, which is added to aid in fermentation.
The cheese is perfect for spreading on bread or crackers as it is, or you can mix it with herbs and spices for a boost in flavour.

Pairs with: White wine or sake

Love Melt

The fermentation of this vegan cheese leaves it with a smooth melt-in-the-mouth texture, a rich, creamy body and a sharp, strong flavour. A melty vegan cheese, Love Melt is a great choice for the filling of a hot sandwich, or as the topping on a slice of morning toast.

Pairs with: White wine or sparkling wine

Shinshu Secret

Made using a harmony of ingredients unique to Shinshu, this vegan cheese is characterized by a strong, salty and deep fermented taste due to aging. With such a strong flavour palette Shinshu Secret is best enjoyed alongside crackers and dried fruits.

Pairs with: Full-bodied red wine

Premium Smoky One

A smoked vegan cheese dotted with cherry chips. The Smoky One is characterised by it’s smooth melt-in-the-mouth richness and strong flavour brought about by the aging process. Within the mellow scented ‘crust’ is contained a melty textured faux-mage featuring a smooth and milky flavour.

Premium Dessert faux-mage

This baked faux-mage is a great show-stopping finale for any meal. No refined sugar is used in the production, with only the natural sugar of grated domestic apples adding sweetness to the dish.
It can be enjoyed as it is, or for a change of flavour, combine it with granola, jam and/or dried fruits.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.