Japanese snack food aficionados are likely familiar with "Baby Star Ramen", a dried and crunchy mini-ramen noodle snack. What you may not know, however, is the affinity the popular snack has form monjayaki--a Tokyo favorite dish of pan-fried batter grilled with a spatula, and often seen as a runnier version of okonomiyaki. Many monjayaki restaurants offer Baby Star Ramen as a topping for your grilled concoction, offering an extra level of crunch and chicken flavoring.

Baby Star Ramen actually released a monjayaki flavor back in 1996, but this time they are going a step further by releasing a new instant cup monjayaki you can make at home with no grilling fuss!

The instant Baby Star Monja combines the dried noodle's original chicken flavoring with mentaiko, or spicy pollock (or cod) roe that is also another popular monjayaki topping. Much like instant ramen, you simply pour 50 ml of hot water to the red dotted line. Stir the mixture for 15 seconds and add whatever extra topping you want for your very own instant monjayaki.

The Baby Star Monja spicy Mentaiko flavor is currently on sale at convenience stores throughout Japan.

By - Big Neko.