Have you heard of kendama けん玉? A traditional Japanese skill toy, kendama has a handle (ken), a pair of cups, and a ball (tama), all attached with a string. There's a cup at one end of the handle, and a spike that fits into the hole of the ball on the other. Although it has existed for centuries in Japan, kendama has become more popular recently as a sport, with competitions held in countries all over the world.

If you want to try kendama in a fun environment, nothing beats DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D in Shibuya, Japan's only kendama bar.

DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D not only has arcade-style kendama machines, called DENDAMA (den meaning "electric"), along with dart machines, but they also serve their original craft beer.

Beginning on August 8th, they'll begin serving their limited "RE/D 1st anniversary commemorative original beer," a white IPA bursting with citrusy freshness featuring spicy and fruity Spanish orange peel and brewed with fruity American hops.

They're so proud of this new brew that they're having a special promotion where you can redeem points earned with each order for commemorative goods like T-shirts, caps and Dendama gear.

In addition, to celebrate their 1st anniversary, DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D has installed a beer foam art printing machine and is letting customers print the design of their choice throughout the month of August free of charge!

DENDAMA&DARTS RE/D has an English menu and English-speaking staff. To find out more about it, check out their website here.

By - Ben K.