Japan has a variety of themed-restaurants, and you can find anything you want.

As it is almost Halloween in Japan, I thought that some horror-themed ones would go perfect with the most awaited event of this season.

Here are my top three picks:

Akabane Reien

Akabane Reien is an Izakaya (a casual bar with affordable dishes and drinks, including alcoholic beverages) and a haunted house!

So, you get two in one!

If you don’t mind skulls, ghosts, and spirits, and I guess you don’t, if you decided to check out these places, then Akabane Reien is the best place to go for a spooky experience.

You will spot the Akabane Graveyard Bar right away thanks to the big sign that says “お化け屋敷居酒屋赤羽霊園”/Obake yashiki Izakaya Akabane Reien.


Obake yashiki is the word for a haunted house in Japanese, and even though this place is full of Japanese ghosts, I feel that it is also quite fun to explore.

When you enter, you will see that the place is a mix of horror and “kawaii” (adorable), and you’ll find many monsters and spirits that belong to the Japanese folklore (such as the yokai that will be cooking your dinner).



Thriller Night

If you love scary stories, at Thriller Night, you’ll have the rare opportunity to hear them told by a professional storyteller!


There are kaidan 怪談 (spooky story) live shows every hour, and the atmosphere of this place is also unique and pretty cool.

The food and beverages are delicious, and what can be better than listening to professionals telling horror stories based on real experiences in a creepy abandoned house?



The LockUp

This restaurant is probably the most bizarre restaurant I’ve ever visited.

Its concept is a prison, so the food is also based on this theme.


You will be eating in your cell, and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll also get to meet the monsters.


There is a show where people get terrified by these monsters when they enter their cells and creep everyone out.


These are my top three picks. Which one would you like to try out? For the best experience, I recommend dressing up in your Halloween costume and enjoying these horror-themed bars in Japan.

By - cinnamonellie.