No matter how old a dog gets, heading to the vet can be a very trying experience, as famously stubborn shiba inu Hana-chan showed us with a beastly transformation.

14-year old fellow shiba Maru-kun (@maro0324shiba2) had a recent trip to the vet that is both causing laughs and getting some sympathy. Maru-kun's human took the senior shiba to the vet and captured this video of the canine trembling uncontrollably, but with the same expression as usual on his face.

According to Maru's owner, they had headed to the vet to get vaccinated. When the doggo began shaking so dramatically, the vet suggested that dogs, particularly a 14-year old one like Maru, begin to get the shakes once they become a senior. Maru's owner countered by explaining that the reality is that Maru was simply terrified. However, Maru isn't actually scared of getting a shot. As it turns out, Maru simply hates sitting on the examination table and reacts this way every time he's set on it!

Maybe in the future, the vet will accommodate the elderly shiba with an examination on the floor.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.