You can always count on Japanese Studio Ghibli goods store Donguri Kyowakoku for some cool and quirky Spirited Away themed goods, including a No Face Piggy Bank that gobbles up your money and belches, and even some stylish vintage Japanese jackets. Now the retailer is going back to the well of Hayao Miyazaki's classic film's mysterious spirit to release this ominously charming No Face soy sauce bottle.

While you may be a little apprehensive about receiving anything No Face offers you, the simple visual of the creepy but cool character pouring you a serving of soy sauce is likely worth any supernatural danger you risk. Fortunately, if you want to play it a little safer, it's part of a lineup of less intimidating items, including a No Face rice paddle and chopstick rests (ok, these are actually a little scary.)

Donguri Kyowakoku lists the No Face soy sauce container at 1,980 yen, the rice paddle at 800 yen, and chopstick rests at 900 yen each. Those in Japan can order them from the online shop in September, or visit one of the store's many locations in Japan. Those overseas may want to check out proxy online retailers such as Japan Trends Shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.