Shiba inu can be quite expressive, and unless coaxed with food into suddenly hitting max speed, they can become comically stubborn when deciding if a walk is over or yet to begin.

Sen-chan (@senjuin1010), the shiba guard dog of the Senjuin temple located in Seki city, Gifu prefecture, actually shows very little emotion when she's done shuffling her paws. As her owner reveals, when Sen-chan has decided she wants to walk no longer, reverts to her guard dog tendencies and completely freezes up.

Sen-chan's owner writes that once the adorable but whimsical shiba decides she no longer wants to continue, he'll carry her as she strikes this pose and largely unchanging position. The owner further writes that even before a walk has begun, Sen-chan will declare her intention to not walk that day with the same pose.

At the very least, we know the temple has a very determined--and adorable--guard dog!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.