Dumplings, pot-stickers, or gyoza as they are known in Japan--call them whatever you want, but they're delicious and a surprising amount of cooking styles make them a meal or side snack for drinking sessions that foodies never tire of. And while Japan boasts a nearly endless supply of great restaurants that offer a variety of different types of gyoza waiting to be eaten, this weekend Nakano’s Forest of Four Seasons Park is hosting the 2018 Gyoza Festival--where dumpling fans can try out 12 different types of delicious gyoza and other treats!

Running from October 31st to November 11th, the 2018 Gyoza Festival is conveniently located in the Forest of Four Seasons Park, a seven minute walk from Nakano Station in Tokyo. While attendees can purchase ticket sets exchangeable for different amounts of gyoza at stalls, attendance to the event itself is free. The park itself is a very open and relaxing venue, and a great place to sample tasty and unique types of gyoza as we did. Here are a few of our favorites.


A spicy and hearty serving of crispy gyoza topped with mapo-sauce.

Steam shrimp gyoza

A plump and juicy offering of gyoza stuffed with a whole shrimp and served on a bed of onions.

Onion topped meaty gyoza

This gyoza had more to it than meets the eye, with a juicy and filling meaty interior and topped with rich umami sauce and onions, boasting a healthy serving of collagen.

Sesame tan tan gyoza

A definite favorite for spicy food fans, this gyoza comes served in a bowl of goma (sesame) tan tan spicy soup broth, offering a perfect dish for those who want to scratch their ramen itch as well.

Chicken wing gyoza

Yes, you read that correctly! The bone portion of this gyoza is an actual chicken wing, and the head is actually a gyoza dumpling covered in crispy chicken skin and meat. It comes with a side serving of yuzu black pepper that matches it perfectly.

Xiao long bao

Gyoza's favorite cousin, this serving of xiao long bao is bursting with juicy and meaty flavor in a bed of sauce for those looking to change things up.

Of course, Japanese craft beer and sweets are also available to enjoy along with the savory gyoza, and a particular recommendation is the hot sangria (non-alcoholic also available) to make the outdoor affair all the more comfortable.

Head to the 2018 Gyoza Festival, located at the Forest of Four Seasons Park, running from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. More information is available at the event website.

By - Big Neko.