When it comes to theme parks, everyone has different priorities. Some are there for the rides, while others are looking to take photos with their favourite characters. But there are also people (intellectuals) who are mainly there to sample all the culinary delights that the park has to offer.

This often comes in the form of adorable character-inspired food that you can’t get anywhere else. Universal Studios Japan have been unleashing a slew of new rides in the last couple of years, thanks to the 'Cool Japan' campaign, which featured the country’s best-loved characters, making the perfect opportunity to grab some awesome themed grub.

Doraemon is one of these such characters, starring in the new temporary ride, ‘Stand by Me Doraemon 2’. Through the magic of VR, Doraemon and pals appear right next to the rider, and accompanies them on a thrilling adventure. This nostalgic attraction is complemented by a character-inspired food menu that should tempt any fan of the robot cat character, young or old.

There’s a full on, sit down set meal at the Studio Stars Restaurant inspired by the future wedding of Nobita, one of the main characters.

The super cute Doraemon kids set has a mini burger in a flashy takeout box.

And there’s a couple of desserts on offer too, such as the Doraemon cake and Doraemon character themed dango.

For drinks, you can go for a Doraemon blue frozen beverage served in Doraemon’s head.

And even the robot’s favourite food, Dorayaki, has been used as the basis for a new flavour of popcorn at the park. A souvenir popcorn holder will also be available shaped like Doreamon and his famous ‘Anywhere Door’.

There's not just food on offer, Doraemon obsessives won’t want to miss out on the new merchandise that will available dotted around the park from 28th August.

The attraction itself will only be open until 6th January 2021, and the special merchandise and food menu will disappear with it! But even without Doraemon's Anywhere Door, there's still plenty of time for superfans of the animation to get to Osaka and experience it.

By - Jess.