Despite some postponements, Universal Studios Japan’s ‘Cool Japan’ campaign is back on track, and they’ve been announcing some new rides and events such as the Hunter x Hunter attraction that will kick off next month.

But of course, these attractions wouldn’t be complete without giving fans the chance to also stimulate their tastebuds with food themed around the different series that are represented.

The newly announced menu includes dishes from Attack on Titan, an anime and manga series which has inspired a VR roller coaster in the park. There’s two mains and two desserts on offer. Captain Levi and Eren both feature in their own separate ‘plate set’, which includes a variety of food to sample. Mikasa’s iconic red scarf serves as inspiration for a peach melba milk chocolate mousse, and Armin’s Colossal Titan form stars in a mango pudding parfait. They can all be found in the ‘Studio Stars Restaurant’.

There’s also some cool Attack on Titan merchandise at the park, including a pen modelled on the needle seen in the series, and a cushion made in the image of Captain Levi fighting the Beast Titan.

Fans of classic anime Detective Conan won’t be disappointed because their fave has his own menu to boast about. A main motif is his instantly recognisable red bowtie, which has been made into a chicken curry sandwich. There’s also a lunch box and cake said to be from the ‘Poirot Cafe’ which features in the story. These items can be picked up in the ‘Detective Conan World’ section.

You can even pay tribute to Conan’s bowtie with your hairstyle thanks to bow accessories from the merchandise lineup.

Hunter x Hunter fans can treat themselves to a dessert and beverage inspired by the series when paying a visit to the theatre show attraction ‘Hunter x Hunter The Real 4D’. Exclusive merchandise will be on offer too.

Sailor Moon lovers are specially spoilt with gorgeously presented food and drinks inspired by the classic anime. The ‘plate set’ is themed around Sailor Moon and Tuxedo mask, and has plenty of recognisable motifs such as a rose and top hat. There’s even a cake made in the image of the Prism Heart Compact among other pretty desserts and beverages.

Of course, there will be plenty of Sailor Moon souvenirs to pick up too.

You can even feel like a real-life ‘Monster Hunter’ with some ‘Well-done Meat’ to regain stamina and stripy churritos featuring Poogie.

For merchandise, you can even take home a bottle modelled on the Monster Hunter potion.

These various treats and items will be available at Universal Studios Japan from 4th March to 28th August 2022.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.