Whether you're talking about gigantic wearable felt cat heads or elegant kitty scarves, Japan has a pretty strong hold on the feline corner of the fashion market. Now Japanese eyeglasses maker Underline is finding another way to let you wear your love for kitties on your sleeve, releasing a pair of cat-themed eyeglasses that sport cat ears, cat paws, and even feel like a cat is hugging you.

The line of glasses is appropriately called Cat Vision, and while they may not give you the sharp quality of sight like a cat, the detailed feline motif will definitely have you looking like the sleekest of cat lovers. As you can see, the top of the frames form into cat ears, with different styles (calico, tabby, white cat, and black cat) based on specific cat coat colors for you to choose from.

The cat motif continues, however, extending to the temple tips and the smooth rounded nose pads, which feature cat paw designs on them. Underline designed the cat paw portions to have a squishy and bouncy feel, saying the glasses replicate the feel of having your beloved cat give you a kitty hug.

The squishy cat paws supposedly simulate a cat giving you a loving hug

Japanese online retailer Rakuten carries the glasses at a price of 27,000 yen, but if you can't navigate the Japanese site check out their English language global site, which accepts PayPal payments.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.