Even among knowledgeable cat lovers, the Selkirk Rex is a one that has been recently charming many who were previously unaware of the breed's very curly hair, which has earned them the affectionate nickname of "sheep cats".

Chirico (@chirichirichirico) is an adorable Selkirk Rex that certainly lives up to the breed's aesthetic reputation (even in name as "Chiri-chiri" in Japanese refers to frizzled or curly hair). The wavy-haired cat does share another quality that many Selkirk Rex do as well, however, and that is the ability to look adorably grumpy and judgmental.

As you can tell from the dozens of cute photos, Chirico's hobbies include scrunching their entire face up when meowing and a scratch post modeled after a record player. Below are a few highlights of the adorable curly haired cat. For more regular updates, be sure to follow Chirico on Instagram!

By - Big Neko.