Japanese Kit Kats are often coveted for their wide range of seasonal and limited edition flavors, including peach mint rum, spooky purple Halloween pie, and even personal birthstone-themed chocolates.

For many in Japan, though, some of the most sought out flavors are region-exclusive Kit Kats that make use of famous local ingredients and make for unique souvenirs. Unfortunately, tourism is not thriving as a business in many regions of Japan currently due to the novel coronavirus. In an effort to provide some relief to struggling areas, Nestle Japan will be releasing normally region-exclusive Kit Kat flavors nation wide.

Starting October 19th (and following on November 24th, and December 7th), Nestle Japan will be rolling out a cycle of region-limited Kit Kat flavors all across Japan, with an extra ten yen factored into the retail price that will be donated to respective tourist areas in collaboration with Japan Tourism Promotion Association.

Kit Kat Mini Onsen Manju: A Kit Kat inspired by onsen manju, which are hot steamed buns filled with sweet red bean paste enjoyed at hot springs around Japan.

Kit Kat Mini Shinshu Apple: Kit Kats with the fresh and sweet flavor of the Shinshu region's popular fresh and sweet apples.

Kit Kat Mini Strawberry Cheesecake: A cheese-filled cream Kit Kat with strawberry white chocolate.

Tokyo Banana Kit Kat Mini: Inspired by Tokyo Banana, a spongy and creamy banana cake that ranks as Tokyo's number one sweets souvenir.

Kit Kat Big Little Hokkaido Melon: Kit Kats that recreate the rich aroma, mellow sweetness, and pulpy texture of Hokkaido's famous melons.

Kit Kat Big Little Beni Imo: Kit Kats that reproduce the subtle sweetness and tart of beni imo, a purple sweet potato popular in Okinawa.

Nestle Japan provided a similar relief effort in 2018 for areas damaged when Osaka suffered a 6.1 magnitude earthquake and later southwestern Japan was hit with torrential rain which caused flooding and landslides.

By - Big Neko.