Many of our plans have gone astray this summer, but it’s time to look ahead, to the spookiest time of the year. Autumn is on its way, and as usual is bringing with it some awesome Halloween treats, as well as a few tricks probably.

Tokyo is no exception, as the 'treats' aspect of the American holiday has been readily accepted by the Japanese public for many years now, and the country has become home to some of the cutest Halloween sweets that the season has to offer. One Tokyo cafe in particular, located in Omotesando, has a beautifully presented dessert lineup, featuring black cats, ghosts and pumpkins.

In this Instagrammable dish, the 'Halloween Mont Blanc Pancake' (2000 yen), a cat appears to have come to pay its respects at the haunted pancake graveyard where some tasty cream spirits dwell. The mont blanc topping is chestnut flavour, a perfect taste for autumn in Japan and the gyuhi layer on top of the pancakes looks like a ghostly shroud. There’s also Hoji-cha (roasted green tea) flavour cream and ice cream.

Another eerie creation is the 'Jack-o'-Lantern Mousse' (2100 yen) which was crafted with orange chocolate and secretly hides pumpkin mousse and caramel ice cream inside. Diners can pour the accompanying warm vanilla sauce to melt the Jack-o'-Lantern’s face and reveal the treats.

The 'Pear Caramel Parfait' (1900 yen) looks particularly sophisticated, in a spooky kind of way. It’s a veritable festival of autumn flavours including pear, caramel and red wine.

Cafe & Dining ZelkovA can be found on the first floor of The Strings Omotesando, and their creepy creations are on the menu from 3rd September until 31st October.

By - Jess.