Now that Japan is fully on board with all the spooky delights of Halloween, we’re starting to see some crossovers that we never expected.

Some of Japan’s homegrown specialties are getting creepy makeovers to appeal to Halloween merry-makers. One example is this pumpkin potage ramen which is very seasonally appropriate from Tonkotsu Ramen Nanashi, a chain restaurant found in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

It seems the initial aim of this ramen wasn’t to frighten the heck out of us, but to create a ramen bursting with vegetables, and by extension plenty of nutrients, to appeal to younger people and women. Each bowl contains one third of a kabocha (Japanese pumpkin), which also handily makes it fit in as a seasonal treat.

The bat shaped seaweed, which is really the main reason for the Halloween-y vibes, is only added to the dish until the end of October. From November the ramen will be downgraded to just autumn ramen rather than Halloween ramen, until it stops being sold at the end of the month. (Still looks delicious though)

A list of branches of Nanashi can be found on their website.

By - Jess.