Travel begins the moment you leave home, not when you get there.

The same is true, of course, for the return trip. The time spent on the road is one of the most enjoyable parts of a trip.

What you see, hear, and experience while traveling: all of these things make up the memories of your trip.

When visiting Kagoshima Prefecture, manga artist 葛屋カツキ Katsuki Kuzuya (@S9992020) had an experience at the airport on his way home that made him think, "I'll come back here again!"

"I laughed on the plane at the unexpectedly great service."

On his return flight, Katsuki was waiting for the plane to take off. As he looked out the window of the plane, an airport employee sent him a wonderful "message."

Since it was close to Halloween, the runway worker drew a jack-o'-lantern, complete with little bats, and the message, "Come back to Kagoshima again!"

Katsuki says he laughed on the plane at the airport staff's thoughtful gesture.

The staff's thoughtful gesture surely expressed their desire to please passengers and offer a bit of local Kagoshima hospitality while doing it!

Thanks to them, Katsuki's trip was even more memorable!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.