Modern interpretations of Wagashi

As with many forms of culinary arts in Japan, respecting the old ways is not only important for maintaining continuity with the past but it also appeals to customers since they can trust something with a long tradition behind it. At the same time, making improvements from generation to generation is considered a virtue, not to mention a way of staying relevant (and financially afloat).

When it comes to wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), shops usually "keep up with the times" by creating sweets that reflect the changing seasons, and perhaps, on occasion, by integrating something trending at the time, such as we saw with wagashi designed in the likeness of the pandemic-fighting monster Amabie sold by Kaorudo in Akita Prefecture. However, once in a while, you'll see completely modern interpretations of wagashi, such as the 3D-printed Cyber Wagashi created for the Open Meals project.

Soso: contemporary waga-chic

Opening in early September in the Hibiya OKUROJI complex, located in the area below the tracks running from the JR Yurakucho and Shinbashi stations, 和菓子 楚々 Wagashi Soso is a wagashi takeout shop with a chic, contemporary look and presentations to match.

Wagashi Soso 和菓子 楚々 (楚々 meaning "graceful" or "beautiful" in Japanese) is the latest project from Ts&8 Inc., which operates the Japanese restaurant Soso in the Daikanyama neighborhood of Tokyo serving wagashi and dishes sourced from the Gotō Islands off the coast of Kyushu. While major wagashi brands have shops in department stores and upscale locations, as they explain in their press release, neighborhood wagashi shops offering simple, reliable classics (such as dango mochi skewers, manju cakes and the like) are sadly disappearing. With Wagashi Soso, they hope to breathe new life into the neighborhood wagashi shop with a style that has adapted to 2020 and will appeal to today's consumers.

Here are just some of the sweets you'll find at Wagashi Soso:


A wide selection of dango skewers to please all tastes...


Colorful suama mochi cakes are shaped in squares and presented in an unconventional pentagonal box. They're perfect for tea time and to share with friends or colleagues on a tea break.


Cookie varieties will change regularly, but you'll find such flavors as truffle cookies, kokutō black sugar and ginger cookies, and financiers made with Gotō Island camelia tea and anko bean paste, to name a few.

Organic coffee and tea

As for takeout drinks, you can choose from Hagan Organic Coffee and various teas and lattes supervised by SALON De THÉ Lùvond.

Shop Information

  • Name (JP): 和菓子 楚々
  • Name (EN): Wagashi Soso
  • Opening date: Early September (planned opening date of the Hibiya OKUROJI complex)
  • Address (JP): 〒100-0011 東京都千代田区内幸町一丁目7番1号 日比谷OKUROJI G16
  • Address (EN): G16 Hibiya OKUROJI 1-7-1 Uchisaiwaicho, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo 100-0011
  • Tel: 03-6205-7174
  • Fax: 03-6205-7173
  • Official website

By - Ben K.