Ice cream may be known as a perfect summer treat, but with the range of autumn flavours available in Japan, you’d be a fool not to indulge during the fall season too!

Haagen Dazs Japan has a particularly wide range of flavours, including special limited-time-only creations, traditional Japanese flavours, and seasonal products.

For autumn this year, they’ve really outdone themselves with two grand parfaits bursting with Japanese fall specialties. Haagen Dazs have collaborated with Japanese cafes and restaurants in Yokohama and Saitama for these luxurious seasonal treats.

The first parfait makes the most of a classic Japanese autumn ingredient, sweet potato, by combining both the purple and orange varieties with a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream. The purple sweet potato has been made into a vividly coloured mont blanc, and diced orange sweet potato is one of the toppings. The warm fall colours bring autumn leaves to mind and makes for a perfectly seasonal parfait.

One of Haagen Dazs’ most popular flavours in Japan is their green tea ice cream. For the green tea parfait there’s a luxurious selection of three types of chesnut in the creamy mont blanc. Bitter matcha powder has been paired with a sweet berry sauce for a distinctly Japanese style dessert.

These posh parfaits will be sold from 1st September until 31st October, at Ristorante Mangiare Iseyama (Yokohama), Ristorante Mangiare Water Edge (Yokohama), Cafe and Restaurant Shikitei (Saitama), offered as part of a course menu.

By - Jess.