Themed cafes and bars have made a name for themselves in Japan, whether its a place where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee while petting a hedgehog, or a spot where you can enjoy being carried around like a princess by shirtless macho men. Now Tokyo's fancy and pristine Aoyama district is getting dirty with Gata Bar, a mud bar where you can enjoy a mud bath with your cocktail.


Source: @gatagoro

Gata Bar is essentially a pop-up mud bath bar that also seems to be giving a bit of a shout out to Saga prefecture in Kyushuu, which is famous for mud and clay baths used in hot springs that is rich in mineral for skin care. Saga also boasts enough quality sake production to have the nickname "Sake prefecture", which is of course on hand at the bar.


Source: @gatagoro

The pop-up bar allows customers to cool down in Japan's hot and humid summer, while also enjoying two specialties of the faraway Saga prefecture in Tokyo. You don't have to worry about naked drinking (although after a few Saga sake bottles, who knows?), but Gata Bar recommends that you bring a towel, change of clothing, and of course clothing that you don't mind getting dirty.


Source: @F27842784

Gata Bar will run until July 31st, and hopefully provide those in Tokyo with a way to cool down while they fill up with sake.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.