Even before the coronavirus pandemic, masks were regularly worn in Japan for a variety of reasons that include hay fever, cold seasons, or simply a sense of privacy. An obvious increase in awareness for wearing them has resulted in a boom of themed masks and mask covers, including special effects horror masks, glowing masks for gamers, and even cherry blossom scented masks.

Japanese home and office goods maker King Jim is aiming for practicality with their latest release however. It's a new easy-to-wear stringless mask intended for those who need to wear masks for long periods of time so that they can avoid strain caused on their ears.

The "Stringless Mask" is a mask that can be attached directly to the face using adhesive medical-use silicon tape. Since the mask attaches directly to your face, it's a great relief for those who find the stress some stringed masks cause on their ears to be annoying. The mask can be be washed for reuse (roughly 20 times), and doing so in cold water actually restores the adhesive property of the silicon tape after it begins to wear down.

The mask also slightly puffs out in front so that it doesn't directly touch your mouth, which is intended for easier breathing.

King Jim intends to do an initial test run of 12,000 units starting April 9th.

By - Big Neko.